Privacy Policy

Your personal information will be treated in a secure and confidential manner in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. When you use EPAT Website and Services (as defined below), we receive information that may directly or indirectly identify you (“personal information” or “personal data”).

EPAT is committed to user privacy and recognizes the importance of having effective and meaningful privacy protections in place when it collects uses and discloses private information.

EPAT may collect certain personal data about you. “Personal data” are data that can be used to identify you or that we can otherwise link to you.

EPAT collects personal data as part of its normal operations in a number of different areas. For example, this includes recruitment and outreach activities, project applications and use of the ICH website.  

When EPAT collects personal data, it does so exclusively to the extent necessary to fulfill a specific purpose. The information will not be re-used for an incompatible purpose.

EPAT will only disclose information to third parties if that is necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose(s) identified above, if the data subject has given their unambiguous consent or, if disclosure is required by applicable law. EPAT will not divulge personal data for direct marketing purposes.  

EPAT only keeps the data for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose of collection or further processing. EPAT will normally decide prior to collection of personal information how long such information should be retained in order to achieve the purpose for which it was collected and once that period has expired EPAT will erase the relevant information from its systems.

You, as a data subject, may access personal data held on you and verify its accuracy and, if necessary, correct it. You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data on legitimate compelling grounds, except when it is collected in order to comply with a legal obligation, is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are a party, or is to be used for a purpose for which you have given your unambiguous consent.

EPAT employs appropriate administrative, technical and organizational measures to safeguard personal information under its control or in its possession against possible loss, theft, misuse or unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or destruction.

Should you wish to contact EPAT concerning a personal data related matter, please refer to our contact page.