Our Tenders

Our suppliers have an important role to play in helping us achieve our vision and purpose.


Information for suppliers

We value our contractors and suppliers and are committed to building effective long-term relationships with them. We also welcome new opportunities to work with like-minded external partners who share our values and commitment to good quality service provision. Our suppliers have an important role to play in helping us achieve our vision and purpose. EPAT spends around 175 billion annually with suppliers on a wide range of works, goods and services. We work in accordance with the region procurement directives for advertising and awarding tenders. EPAT undertakes procurement in accordance with the following principles:

EPAT Tender Requirements

For security reasons the Ecowas Procurement Authority – Togo (EPAT) does not publish a tender list via website, please contact our information department directly to inquire and acquire the current tender and the tender documents.

Our entire Tender Supply project is open to all legal persons {Participating either individually or in a group (consortium) of Tenders}, foreign companies which are established in all Country or Territory of the Regions covered and/or authorized by the specific instruments applicable to the program under which the contract is financed. All products supplied under this contract must be of good quality and in compliance with standard.

Every Tenderer/ Supplying Company must have a local Agent as representative in the Buyer Country. All our Agents are entitled to a certain Commission amount from the total Supplier Invoice Value as their remuneration which will be bargained and agreed on with the Supplier and the said Agent. This amount is payable to the Agent by the Supplier only and when the Supplier receives full 100% payment from the Procurement Board.

The following documents are required to be submitted by the supplier as their Contract Supply Documents.

1: – A Quotation or Pro-forma Invoice Covering the Products to be Supply

2: – A Letter of Intent stating Suppliers ability to handle the Contract

3: – A Letter Authorizing and Appointing a Local Company or Enterprise as Agent/Representative for the Tender process

4: – Completed Copy of the Company Application/ Registration Form

5: – Quotation of Products: Bidding Companies Quotations must be on EXW or FOB basis.

6: – Company Profile/Introduction: Bidders should in writing officially introduce their Company for the Tender Procurement Committee to know them comprehensively.

7: – Full Description of Bidding Products: Bidders should provide adequate information about their bidding products (Including lucid photos where necessary).

8: – Evidence of Company Registration: Each Tenderer must provide a documentary evidence of their Registration or Incorporation as a Legal Organization in their Country of Origin.

9: – Proof of Payment for the Registration formalities

10: – Certificate of Standard for the Product(s) to be Supplied (if any)

Tender Submission Procedures – Bids/Suppliers documents must be submitted by hand to the Secretary Tender Board Procurement Committee through the Government Accredited Agent that will function as a Local Representative to the respective Company throughout the Tender supply processes.

The successful Company will / may not be asked to provide a Performance Guarantee Letter in writing immediately after the receipt of the Award Notice before the official signing of the contract.

The Tender supply duration is 1-12 months after the suppliers confirmation of full payment and also partial shipment/delivery is allowed.

The Contract Agreement can be signed electronically i.e. by email or by proxy but shall the Board request that the Company appear in person, then such Company should avail themselves at this invitation or engage an Accredited Attorney. Any supplier who wishes to come for the Contract signing by volation should notify this office in writing.

Every Contract Winner receives 100% advance payment before Production and Supply; as the procurement Board reserves the sole right to pay in advance.

The Procurement Board may at their discretion send a delegation to the Supplier’s Company or factory in order to ascertain their production plant, level of production in progress and have a meeting therein, a Supplier who wishes to come for an official negotiation is allowed to visit this office on appointment.

All written communications for this Tender Procedure and Contract formation must be in English Language only.

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Our most valuable asset is our people; we develop world-class talent in a values-driven, resilient corporate culture that inspires our businesses and employees to succeed.





What We Do

We are commercially-focused, deploying capital across the portfolio in promising sectors and geographies. With our entrepreneurial mindset, we have evolved our business model to focus more on our shareholders, talent and world-class partnerships. Our most valuable asset is our people; we develop world-class talent in a values-driven, resilient corporate culture that inspires our businesses and employees to succeed.

Way we do business

Future generations will be living in a world that is very different from that to which we are accustomed; it is essential that we prepare ourselves and our children for that new world. As a responsible investor, EPAT is committed to leaving a positive and lasting impact on the communities where we deploy capital. As a business, we recognize the importance of an Environmental, Social, and Governance framework informing our investment decisions and asset management processes and are committed to continually uphold the emerging investment standards for our business and our portfolio companies.